Nov 10, 2015
12 pups  |   Sylvaen
American Wolfdog
Tamaskan Dog

  Dog Call Name Country of Standing
Sylvaen ArrynSylvaen ArrynArekFinland
Sylvaen BaratheonSylvaen BaratheonLokiCanada
Sylvaen BoltonSylvaen BoltonOberonCroatia
Sylvaen FreySylvaen FreyOdinFrance
Sylvaen GreyjoySylvaen GreyjoyLumosFrance
Sylvaen LannisterSylvaen LannisterKydenUnited States
Sylvaen MartellSylvaen MartellBoscoMexico
Sylvaen StarkSylvaen StarkDapperUnited States
Sylvaen TargaryenSylvaen TargaryenTargaryenSpain
Sylvaen TarthSylvaen TarthRecklessUnited States
Sylvaen TullySylvaen TullyNissaCroatia
Sylvaen TyrellSylvaen TyrellAriCanada

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