• Tamaskan Dog


Debby S.
Kennel Status
Kennel Registry
International Tamaskan Register
Inyabu Gaspar
Inyabu GasparSnow
Sylvaen Rise From The Ashes
Sylvaen Rise From The AshesAsh
Sylvaen Bolton
Sylvaen BoltonOberon
Sylvaen Ninjato
Sylvaen NinjatoBlue
Sylvaen Charmander
Sylvaen CharmanderNero
Blustag Lapis Lazuli
Blustag Lapis LazuliJasper
Sylvaen Serendipity
Sylvaen SerendipityHazel
Sylvaen Galaxy
Sylvaen GalaxyAstra
Sylvaen Majestic Stone
Sylvaen Majestic StoneMajesty
Sylvaen Shoshone
Sylvaen ShoshoneSable
Sylvaen Nightshade
Sylvaen NightshadeLayla
Sylvaen Wolfmoon Serenade
Sylvaen Wolfmoon SerenadeEcho
Sylvaen Twist Of Fate
Sylvaen Twist Of Fate
Sylvaen Divine Intervention
Sylvaen Divine Intervention
Sylvaen Prophecy Foretold
Sylvaen Prophecy ForetoldKai
Sylvaen Kismet
Sylvaen KismetKoda
Sylvaen Coincidence
Sylvaen Coincidence
Sylvaen Karma
Sylvaen Karma
Inyabu Gaspar x Sylvaen TullyDec 02, 2021 - 10 pups
Sylvaen Bolton x Sylvaen Wolfmoon SerenadeAug 11, 2021 - 4 pups
Inyabu Gaspar x Sylvaen NightshadeJul 31, 2021 - 10 pups
Sylvaen Bolton x Sylvaen Diamond DustApr 16, 2021 - 8 pups
Maestro Virtuoso du Clocher de Fée Mélusine x Sylvaen TullyJan 13, 2021 - 6 pups
Sylvaen Elessar x Sylvaen ZenyattaMar 11, 2020 - 10 pups

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